We Care About Our Community

Picasso Pawn prides itself on being a help to our community by providing legitimate services to those in need.

Our goals are simple:

  • Provide a safe and friendly alternative source of emergency cash through pawns and buys.
  • Sell quality merchandise at affordable prices.
  • Service the unbanked and underbanked community through check cashing.
  • Protect the community by reporting all pawns and buys to local law enforcement.
  • Give back to the community by donating to local charities and non-profit organizations.

Picasso Pawn is a locally owned business with long standing roots in Durham, Raleigh and Wilmington North Carolina. We will always maintain honesty, credibility, and trust with our customers and our community.

Give us the chance to make a great impression on you by visiting one of our local pawn shops. We look forward to seeing you!