A Pawn is better than a pay day loan or a cash advance

A pawn is less expensive, less stressful and less risky than a cash advance. More importantly, a pawn transaction is not reported to any credit agencies. If you forfeit your pawn (meaning you choose not to redeem your item) there is no penalty, and you are still a valued customer.

Cash advances, often referred to as pay day loans, are dangerous for you and your wallet. If you default on a cash advance the folks who loaned you the cash will pressure you, and do everything in their power to collect on the loan.

There is no pressure in a pawn. We will not hound you, or threaten you if you decide not to pick up your valuables. We encourage you to come back for your items because we want you to keep them, but there are no hard feelings if you don't.

Once you default on a cash advance you'll likely be black listed from the cash advance store. Here at Picasso Pawn, we will welcome you back anytime, whether for another pawn or if you want to buy something for that someone special.

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