5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go to a Gold Party!

  • Picasso Pawn pays more for your gold.

    It's as simple as it sounds. At a gold party you will flush your money away. We put more cash in your hand.

  • We are licensed by the city and state to buy your gold.

    We are locally owned and operated. By selling to us the money stays within the community. We are licensed and bonded gold buyers.

  • The gold party host gets a cut!

    With us, there is no middle man. We cut the middle man out to give you more cash.

  • We report! They don't!

    Gold parties are not regulated by the state or city, and they offer NO protection against stolen goods. We protect the community's interest by reporting everything we pawn or buy to local law enforcement. We work closely with them to put stolen property back in the hands of its rightful owner.

  • We Protect Your Privacy

    At a gold party your privacy is not guaranteed. Here at Picasso Pawn every transaction is confidential and secure.