5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go to a Jewelry Store!

  • Picasso Pawn pays more for your gold and jewelry.

    We pay you more for your gold than any of our competitors. We loan more for your pawns, and we pay more for scrap and broken gold.

  • We sell our jewelry for less than the jewelry stores.

    A Jewelry store's merchandise is over priced. To remain competitive we must offer the best deals in town.

  • We have a broad selection of jewelry for less.
  • Our stores are just as clean and even more friendly.
  • Jewelry stores do not report!

    Jewelry stores do not report what they buy to local law enforcement. This means that they do not protect the interests of people who have had their valuables stolen. We care about our community and report every thing we pawn or buy to local law enforcement on a daily basis.