Crooks Be Warned: We Report!

We never have, and never will knowingly accept stolen property. If we believe that an item is stolen we will either refuse the item, or we will recover and report it in hopes of returning it to the rightful owner.

Picasso Pawn takes a proactive approach to defending against stolen property. Every piece of merchandise that we accept is reported daily to local and state authorities. All employees are trained to identify characteristics of questionable merchandise. If we have reason to believe someone is attempting to sell us stolen merchandise, we'll call local law enforcement and ask them to run the item in their system.

All of our pawn customers must be over 18 years of age and have a valid, state issued picture ID. We block all customers who attempt to sell us suspicious goods. It is not in our interest or the interest of our community to accept potentially stolen merchandise.

The police recover less than 0.1% of our items as stolen property. This means that very little of what we take is stolen to begin with. Criminals at this point know that selling to a pawn shop is risky business, and they tend to use other avenues to sell their stuff.

If you've had something stolen from you please read the following information on What to do if something was stolen from you.