What to Do If Something Is Stolen From You

  • File a police report immediately.

    Timely filing could determine whether or not you recover your property.
    Provide a complete description of the items (including serial numbers).

  • Contact the detective that works with the local pawn shops.

    The reporting officer should be able to give you this information.

  • Ask the detective to alert the pawn shops of your items.
  • If the crime took place in another city, file a report with the local authorities there.
  • Don't waste valuable time checking with each pawn shop individually.

    Instead, check the various businesses that do not report to local law enforcement, including:

    • Flea Mall / Flea Market
    • Jewelry Stores
    • eBay / craigslist.com
    • Thrift Shops
    • Second Hand Stores
    • Collectibles and Antique Dealers
    • Used Sporting Goods Stores
    • Buy Only Stores
    • Gold Party Buyers
    • Gold & Silver Buyers
    • Whole Jewelry Buyers
    • Police - Property & Seizure Department
    • Consignment Shops